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New Champions League group stage has exposed some of the WSL’s bluster

There is often discussion and debate, friendly and fiery, over which league tops the rest in terms of competitive balance, investment and the quality of the product on the pitch.

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Making bone growth transparent

As our bodies grow throughout childhood and puberty, our final height and the shape of our skeleton are largely determined by growth plates—areas of new growth at both ends of

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Ex-McDonald’s boss to repay $105m over staff relationships

McDonald’s has settled a lawsuit in which its former chief executive, Steve Easterbook, has returned equity awards and cash worth over $105m. The fast food chain had claimed that Mr

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ALS patient becomes first person to tweet with just his brain

Last week a paralyzed man in Australia became the first to send a tweet just by thinking it, using a brain-computer interface (BCI). Human trials of the interface have been

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Fat squirrel has to be rescued from bird feeder after getting trapped inside

The RSPCA has asked home-owners to check bird-feeders – even supposedly squirrel-proof ones – regularly, and to call for help if they find a trapped animal A squirrel that beat

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